What's the word on the Street? F-U-N!

I've been waiting for this for a long time. Cute red hair, nice laugh, friendly & has a lot of hobbies? There's only one person we could be talking about...E-L-M-O...

Sesame Place is right outside Philadelphia, in nearby Langhorne, PA, and it's the only Sesame-Street themed park in the entire country although there also is a tiny neighborhood in Orlando at Sea World too. But this one's better!

Our hotel, Sheraton Bucks County, offered a shuttle service from the hotel to the park which was not only efficient and prompt but had an added benefit of NOT costing $20 to park! Sesame Place isn't the most expensive theme park I've come across (um hello Disney) but it's never fun to waste money. Roman is free at SP until 23 months so we just had to pay for adult tickets for two days. Luckily, SP also runs a ton of sales so I jumped on a BOGO offer as well as a Meal Deal for myself and Carlo to share with Roman. The Meal Deal was 25% off the restaurant prices so definitely worth it to buy in advance through the website! We definitely don't leave money on the table over here so buying tickets and the meal plan ahead of time saved our butts! And cash! For better things...like ice cream!!

Toddlers are hit or miss. One day they are obsessed with something or act a certain way but the next day they are into something else and their obsessions are mere memories. Around 18 months we slowly introduced Sesame Street to Roman, partly because we love it and he finally started have the attention span for a 60 minute show (although he still doesn't sit through an entire episode!). It's such a gentle place with adorable monsters and awesome songs and Roman just took to it quite a bit. Right now he still sleeps with a little Elmo doll and points out Elmo wherever he sees him!

But toddlers are finicky. Case in point, I'm really happy we did a two day pass to SP because my cautious son tried to go on one ride, his first ever ride, and ended up having some BIG EMOTIONS and we had to quickly scurry away before I would be trapped with a tiny dictator 25 feet up in the air. After that little fail, we thought maybe the little playground next door would be more his speed. Long story short, it was, we spent probably 20 minutes there then had lunch at the Cooke Jar restaurant next door. We had paid for our adult meals but we chose to pay the $10 for a kids meal which came with a souvenir cup, souvenir plate, meal and fruit. For $10! Really not bad! Sesame Place also allows small coolers so you can bring in some of our own food. We also saw plenty of picnic tables in the parking lot and there were a lot of families picnicking from their cars to save money (or time, or they had dietary restrictions, etc).

The rest of the day we spent watching the Street Party Parade and running around the Splash Castle. I would estimate that SP is 75% water park with only a few kiddie rides and a roller coaster too (complete ride program here. Problem is, Roman is extremely fearful of water! I know this is a fear some toddlers have and it completely goes away after a while so we are just working on it the best we can for now.

The parade seems to be a big highlight of the day for most people (as you'll see in the video) and like, I think Roman liked it? Same goes for the The Count's Splash Castle; it seemed like he both hated and enjoyed it...typical toddlers! Fortunately SP has a ton of life jackets for all sizes to borrow so you don't need to bring your own. Toddlers require enough stuff but we managed with two backpacks (one being completely full of towels!). I recommend getting to the parade 15 minutes ahead of time to camp out for a good seat and especially try for the front row as the kids get to dance with the characters and it's a great time! But don't be like the one kid we saw who RAN AWAY WITH THE PARADE and literally security had to get involved. 😮

Don't mind his TRBF (Toddler Resting Bitch Face, obvs) and me...well I've never been photogenic, but if you can selfie with Bert and Ernie, why wouldn't you?? We spent two days at Sesame Place and the 2nd day we had breakfast with Elmo, skipped the nap to see Elmo the Musical and even rode the no-nap train to ride some more rides (including the one he bailed on!) Everything's better in the video (below) and maybe we'll see you next year ON THE STREET!


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