Toddler takes in...a museum?

Day 2 of Philadelphia started early as heck since our tiny human wakes up at the godawful time of 6am every day BUT you know who's not up at 6am? Hipsters. Professionals. Artists. Pretty much anyone who's not a parent. Maybe commuters. Waking up at 6am basically means the city is your oyster and you can get a table at many a trendy or busy establishment with no line and even the waiter might be extra pleasant because you are literally the first customer of the day and they haven't had to clean up day drunk puke yet (or baby puke!).

Because I put off planning this trip until probably the last second (very unlike me, just been busy), we sat in our incredibly comfortable hotel bed (we stayed at the Kimpton Monaco Philadelphia) while I searched for classic brunch spots where plentiful waffles were to be had and oh boy were we in for a treat. A mere 12 minute walk away (no tantrums this time) we came up across in-your-face liberal AF progressive establishment Morning Glory Diner and at 8:30am we were able to walk right in and plop right behind another family happily munching on pancakes. As a small business owner myself it is basically verboten to broadcast your politics so we reveled in the freedom owner Carol Mickey gets to happily message out.

We tucked into "Dad's Favorite French Toast" (it was tied with the "Bye Sarah Sanders Apricot Waffle"), a Farmer's Fritatta and a curry tofu scramble with some reaaaal tasty black coffee and before we knew it our plates were licked clean (by Roman lol) and we were off to another adventure...take toddler to a museum? let's give it a shot...

But first, splash pads! Having some time to kill, we detoured to Love Park. In otherwise dreary and drab (in a nice way?) Center City, the splash pads in Love Park and Dilworth Park totally bring a sense of joy and fun to the professionals who unfortunately have to look longingly at the people feeling just that as they drudge into their city offices.

Our tiny tot is a little scared of water, and I normally wouldn't be thrilled about him being totally soaked in a regular shirt and jeans BUT...I'm trying to be more a go-with-the-flow & learn-by-doing kinda Cool Mom these days and it was INCREDIBLY humid I freed the poor sap from his stroller jail and let him run, run, run...

These tiny little splash pads were just delightful and pretty much any positive exposure we can have with water is a good thing for our little chicken! Time to check out of the hotel...and we find out if our artiste can handle hours in a boring museum??

Hahahahaha oh please, I'm sure there are fams who are all "oh yes, our darling Marco visited the Louvre at 3 years old and knows the difference between pointillism and cubism" blah blah blah but I'm on the level here and while I love art, I also love WATER TABLES.

A museum that also has a water table? We must be at the Please Touch Museum. A completely interactive, touch and play encouraged play space that's NOT just slides and soft walls to bang into, is dis real life? Roman is a little too young still to really "play pretend"...but he makes a pretty cute astronaut don't you think?

Even if he wasn't fully able to realize the potential of everrrry play space, he was...

- a bus driver

- an ambulance driver

- a potato farmer (how random)

- a train conductor

- an astronaut

- a pit crew repairman who changed tires!

- a painter

- a spice merchant

and that is quite a few things to explore in one day! In fact he had SO much fun and was SO excited he slammed his face into a table and got a black eye! So now he is a boxer too, I guess?

The food was pretty plain (pizza, burgers etc) but they did have a serviceable veggie burger (vegetarian win!) and the staff didn't seem miserable at all! We explored their new Muslim Cultures exhibit, found out they have an Eric Carle exhibit coming (um jealous) and to wrap it up if you don't take your under 10s to PTM do you even Parent? Go go go go...

A full video on our Philly adventures will be up on the youtube page soon and full details on Sesame Place are coming NEXTTTTT


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